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Excellent insulation performance

Coefficient of thermal conductivity among the 0.019 0.022 w/m. k between 25 ℃ (C),which is the lowest coefficient of thermal conductivity for the practical application of heat preservation material . Continuous foaming technology, using high pressure foaming uniform density, closed pore structure of small bubble hole, bubble hole density can be up to 200000 / cm3, obturator rate is as high as 97% above, bibulous rate is extremely low,which can effectively prevent water vapor permeability, so as to exert its excellent heat preservation and heat insulation performance.

Good fire resistance

PIR rigid foam has excellent fire resistance as the coking protective layer will be formed during the combustion process,   which will not melt and drip like EPS foam and XPS foam.  The flame retardant property can be further improved when   composite with metal plate.  Combustion performance reached national standard 8624-2012 B1 grade.

Advanced cyclopentane technology

The use of fluorine-free raw materials for one-time high pressure foaming, no chlorofluorocarbons, zero greenhouse effect, no pollution to the environment, in line with the international ozone layer convention and European environmental standards

unique airtight technology

The unique panel type airtight structure technology makes the adjacent plate joint insulation layer more organically integrated, greatly improving the airtight performance, more suitable for air conditioning storage

energy saving -consumption reducing-environment protection

The selection and processing of polyurethane panel, are in strict compliance with national and industrial environmental standards.  In the process of use, it is not easy to breed bacteria and parasites, adapt to the cold chain industry in a variety of complex situations and stringent environmental requirements.  The cold storage                                       insulation system with proprietary panel type airtight structure technology can integrate the cold storage into an organic whole,achieving absolute airtight, saving energy consumption by 30% and greatly reducing operating costs.

Easy and quick installation

The panel is prefabricated in the factory, and the installation system design is mature to meet the all-weather construction requirements,shorten the installation cycle, and reduce the labor cost and material loss
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