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Fireproof Sandwich Panel

Fireproof Sandwich Panel


Fire Resistance

Rock wool is a non-combustible material with super high melting temperature of 1000 °C, which can effectively block the flame and reduce the fire loss.

Thermal Insulation & Energy Saving

Rock wool in low thermal conductivity (0.043w/m.k) and good thermal insulation performance. Excellent node design ensure the sealing performance and insulation effect.


Soundproof volume ≥ 30DB Effectively reduce the interference of external noise.

Watertightness & Airtightness

PU( PIR) closing ensures water-repellent effect Joint of the panel keeps good airtightness.

Strong & Durable

Choose high-quality rock wool or glass wool material, hydrophobic durable and stable.

Facade Aesthetics

Hidden screw joint, keep high flatness of the panel   surface.
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