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The demands for steel structure grown fast in past years

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Currently,pre-engineered steel structure industry is growing steadily in China. China now has one of the biggest steel industries in the world and accounted for a lion’s share of the global steel industry in 2015, having a share of over 50% easily. Directed by the government’s macro control policy, the development of China’s iron and steel industry is now in good shape. Steel price hike, a product of the country’s decade-long economic boom, has also drawn large amounts of funds into the industry. Most of the country’s steel giants now are state-owned enterprises. China’s total output of steel structure achieved 26 million tons in 2010, up 13.3% against the previous year’s 23 million tons. With the accelerated urbanization and economic development, the investment in the construction of large venues, transport hubs, industrial premises, and commercial high-rise steel buildings will continue to increase, resulting in a steadily expanding steel structure market in China.
There are two main types of steel structure enterprises in China, namely, contractor and manufacturer. Contractors are engaged in steel structure project contracting and they produce steel structure mainly for their own use. As for steel structure manufacturers, They concentrate on manufacturing steel structure and take a few of projects as their sideline. 
As a large steel structure enterprise in China,Qingdao Xin guangzheng Steel Structure (Group) Co., Ltd. lays equal stress on project contracting and steel structure manufacturing. we have the most wide  range of steel structure products. We focuses on steel structure manufacturing while reducing the participation in project contracting, which has effectively improved its level of professional manufacturing of steel structure.Moreover,its growth rate of operating revenue for the latest 3 years ranked lead in the industry. 
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