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Steel plant composition and performance characteristics desc...

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Steel plant is the fastest growing area over the past decade, the use of light steel plant in the U.S. accounted for 50% or more in non-residential construction investment. This structure industrialization and commercialization of high and fast construction, high overall efficiency, in great demand, has caused structural designers know. There are already a variety of low-rise, multi-layer and high-level design and examples. Because it can achieve large span, big space, separated by the use of flexible and faster construction, seismic advantageous feature, bound to our traditional plant structure model have a greater impact. 
Steel plant mainly refers to the main load-bearing member is made of steel composition. Including steel columns, beams, steel base, steel roof (of course, relatively large span of the plant, the basic steel roof trusses are now up), steel roof, pay attention to steel brick wall can also be used to maintain. As China's steel output increases, many are beginning to use steel plant, the specific can be further light and heavy steel plant. 
Steel construction of industrial and civil facilities are called steel: 
    1, steel construction, light weight, high strength, large span; 
    2, steel construction, short construction period, the corresponding lower investment costs; 
    3, high fire resistance steel construction, anti-corrosion; 
    4, easy to move steel construction, recycling, pollution-free.
Steel plastic toughness of steel plastic, structure under normal circumstances not due to accidental overloading suddenly overloaded or partial rupture. Steel toughness, the structure for dynamic load adaptability.
The steel material uniformity, high reliability steel internal homogeneous, isotropic. Steel used in the actual work performance and results of theoretical calculation Relevance good, so the structure is high reliability.
Because steel weldability of steel weldability, making steel connections greatly simplified, adapted to the manufacture of complex shapes structure steel structure fabrication and installation of steel structure high degree of industrialization of the production mainly in specialized steel structure plant, thus making simple,
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