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Application of Steel Structure--Large span steel structure

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With the suspension and tension membrane structure of research and development to promote deeper and engineering applications . Prestressed spatial structure began to be applied . Hangzhou Pagoda , Hainan Millennium Tower , the Guangzhou New TV Tower ( height 610 meters , the amount of steel 40,000 tons ) and the Kunming Expo Garden Arts Plaza membrane structure and a large number of new steel buildings and structures are emerging.
In recent years, grid and shell continue to represent the spatial structure of a large number of development , not only for civil construction, but also for industrial plants , hangars , terminals , stadiums , exhibition centers , theaters , museums and so on. Steel larger amount of industrial plants such as Caofeidian steel base , Shanghai Jiangnan Shipbuilding base, representative venues such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic National Stadium ( Hall ) , 2010 Shanghai World Expo ( steel with a capacity of 300,000 tons ) , 2010 Asian Games Council ( Guangzhou ) , National Games in Jinan , Shenzhen Universiade and Nanyang National Farmers' Games and other cities to build stadiums . According to the China Steel Association statistics branch spatial structure : grid and shell trend in recent years has been in steady state production , the annual 1500 , approximately 2.5 million square meters , about 70,000 tons of steel , steel is chooseed varieties, specifications complex, the amount is large , high strength characteristic , the main varieties : Q235, Q345, 390D ( for underground embedded piles ), Q345GJ, Q420, Q460 and so on.
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