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Steel Structure Logistics Warehouse

Steel Structure Logistics Warehouse

What is a steel structure logistics warehouse?

Generally speaking, industrial steel structure logistics warehouses are made of a series of structural steels, including steel columns, steel beams, purlins, etc. These main components form the load-bearing structure of the warehouse.
Due to its light weight and convenient construction, steel structure logistics warehouses are in great demand. This steel structure is also the most cost-effective type of building for many projects. Therefore, from a long-term economic consideration, it is time to invest in a steel structure logistics warehouse.

Steel structure logistics warehouse design.

Steel structures are often considered the most economical and fastest way to build warehouses, making them the first choice for many industrial and civil buildings. We provide structural steel warehouse designs and machine profiles into a variety of shapes and sizes according to your specific application and specification.
The steel structure logistics warehouse is a frame building, in which the frame structure is mainly composed of steel beams and steel columns. Steel structures can be made by hot or cold rolling.
For roof and wall panels, we offer steel, fiberglass, PU sandwich panel options and more.
Curved metal roof structures are also a good choice for your project.
The doors and windows of the steel frame structure warehouse can be made of PVC or aluminum alloy.
Regarding the purlin support system, wall purlins and roof purlins are available in C-shape and Z-shape.
Also, the crane runway beam is based on your overhead crane parameters.
Based on your specific requirements for the size of the steel silo and local environmental conditions, we can design the silo in any shape and size to meet your needs.

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