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Prefab steel workshop

Prefab steel workshop
Steel Workshop Building VS Concrete Building                                                                                                                    The cost of a steel workshop building is usually lower than that of a concrete structure.                                                  The construction process of prefabricated steel structure building is usually not affected by the delay of weather factors. The construction can be carried out normally even if it is raining.                                                                    Since all the steel structures are cut, drilled, welded, and painted in the workshop, only the various components need to be assembled on the construction site. No additional work is required, and almost no additional cost is added.          The prefabricated steel structure workshop is also easy to install. Almost anyone can erect the steel structure workshop building with only fixing bolts.                                                                                                                                        There is no need for secondary manufacturing on-site, thus reducing labor costs and saving construction time.         The construction process of steel workshop building:  
1. When constructing a steel structure workshop, first consider whether the surrounding environment will cause pollution.
2. The length and width of the metal workshop building must be well planned so that there are good equipment and workshop.
3. For land review, it is necessary to pass the approval of relevant departments before construction can be carried out. 4. The design drawings of the steel structure workshop are issued by the engineer and then filed with the relevant departments.
5. Find a suitable steel structure manufacturer and conduct related negotiations.
6. Supervise and check the construction of the steel structure workshop building by relevant departments.
The advantages of steel workshop building are as follows:  
Wind resistance  
The prefabricated steel structure building has lightweight, high strength, good overall rigidity, and strong deformability. The weight of the steel structure building is only one-fifth of the brick-concrete structure, and it can withstand a hurricane of 70 meters per second so that life and property can be effectively protected.  
Heat preservation
The thermal insulation materials used are mainly glass fiber cotton, which has a good thermal insulation effect. The use of thermal insulation boards on the outer wall effectively avoids the “cold bridge” phenomenon of the wall and achieves a better thermal insulation effect. The thermal resistance of R15 insulation wool with a thickness of about 100mm can be equivalent to that of a brick wall with a thickness of 1m.  
Environmental protection  
The material can be recycled 100%, truly green and pollution-free.
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