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Hidden PU Roof Panel

Hidden PU Roof Panel


Energy Saving&Thermal Insulation

Superior thermal insulation performance, the same  thickness insulation effect is twice that of EPS board.

Flame Retardant & Fire Resistance

Products have passed the inspection “The national   fixed fire extinguishing systems and components tolerance of Quality Supervision, Inspection Centre competent examiner”, combustion level reach the  B2 standard based on GB8624.

Airtightness & Sound-Proof

Better sound absorption.To cut down the noise of rain, hail, etc.

Waterproof & Rust-Proof

Large span, quick drainage, good waterproof performance;

hidden screw, not easy to rust, extend the panel life.

Aesthetics & Cost Effective

Nice appearance. Material loss

reduction. Installation time and project cost saved.

Quick Installation

Polyurethane sandwich panel is produced in the factory under highly controlled, constant temperature environment, stable quality;   Fast construction, has been used for more than 35 years
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