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Curtain Cooling Pads for Farm Environment Control System

Curtain Cooling Pads for Farm Environment Control System
The Water Paper Air Cooler Evaporative Cooling Pad,showing a honeycomb structure that is produced by paper processing. Its production process was about sizing, drying, pressing corrugated,stereotypes, gluing, curing, slicing, grinding, to taste like. In the country, there are usually wave height 5mm, 7mm and 9mm are three corrugated to 60 ° × 30 ° staggered opposed, 45 ° × 45 °staggered opposite. A new generation of high-quality wet curtain crosslinked polymer material and space technology, with high water absorption, high water,mildew resistant, long life advantages. And evaporate large surface area, cooling efficiency of over 80%, does not contain surfactants, natural water absorption, diffusion speed, performance and lasting. A drop of water 4 to 5 seconds to finish the proliferation. International industry standard natural water absorption is 60 ~ 70mm/5min or 200mm/1.5hour. Quality wet curtain is also easy to make the skin allergy-free phenol and other chemicals used to install non-toxic to humans, green,safe, energy saving, environmental protection, and economic.

Cooling Pad installed at one end of the greenhouse, the suction ventilator installed in the other end. When the air in greenhouse is needed to cool down, the control system of fan will start, the indoor air is forced out and build-up the negative pressure; At the same time, the water pump water the wet pad. The negative pressure cause the indraft through the wet pad , leading to evaporation and cooling, then the cold air flow through the greenhouse, absorb the indoor heat, so as to achieve the purpose of the circulating cooling.

(1)Made of absorbent kraft paper,strong hydroscopicity ,corrosion resistance,long usable life.Evaporation efficiency is by up to 80%.Absorbing water naturally,fast diffuse,durable efficiency.No surfactant and harmful chemicals,no phenol,easy installation.
(2)Improved some shortcoming of cooling pad,fragile,inconvenient cleaning,ect.High strength,strong corrosion resistance,high impact resistance,easy cleaning.
(3)Special technology,inhibiting growth of bacteria and algas.Beautiful exterior,environmental protection,no pollution.Bright colour,good choice for home and markets.
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