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3-50Ton Customized Feed Silo

3-50Ton Customized Feed Silo

Applicable Industries:Poultry Farms

Application:Poultry Farm Chicken Feeding

Material:hot-dip galvanized



Service life:20 years

With the advanced numerical controlled equipment ,Muhe silos feature low product ,high precision and the leading stability of international standard.We choose dedicated outdoor galvanized plate,which has the advantage of corrosion resistant and long life span.The adoption of international advanced technology and the unique angle design ensure feed more smoothly.

Silo consist of main warehouse, flip, ladders, columns and other components. the main warehouse used 275g/m2, double hot dip galvanized sheet steel, has a lower conical holes to view  feed level. silo volume according to different actual combinations.Hoarding water in a slope, in the horadings at the bottom flange, so that rain water away from the  cutting area. Provide weather protection , regardless of the weather. the next round head screw connection cone inside, effectively reducing cutting resistance. Upper and lower cone  by pressure off treatment,both to improve the cone  and strength of  cone bottom’s overall, but also conducive to bilateral clay bar installation , enhanced sealing.

Feed silo is important component of main feeding system.This system include feed silo or hopper, conveying PVC pipe, auger or chain - disc, outlets, feed bin, feed senser and driving motor.

This system is mainly used to convey feed from the feed silo or hopper into the feed bin to achieve the aim of automatically feeding.
Using silos could save labor force and save large amount of packages, also keep feeder fresh and health and reduce raising cost greatly.

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